How This Ad Became One of the Top Trending Videos

Wes Anderson’s “Come Together” ad campaign for H&M, starring Adrien Brody, is starting to trend on YouTube. The video is reminiscent of Anderson’s signature style explored in films like The Royal Tenenbaums and The Darjeeling Limited. In less than half a week, the video reached over four million views.

Here’s what content creators can do to have a trending video like “Come Together”.

1. Pay homage to a classic film.

Something that catches the viewer’s eye is how the video pays homage to Anderson’s previous films. Although many YouTubers do not have a catalogue of their own movies to refer to, it is a great starting point to have a video that makes references to recognizable films or music videos.

2. Have a theme.

With the holidays in full swing, more viewers are going to be drawn to a theme that is timely and relevant. Anderson capitalizes on the holiday fanfare with this Christmas-themed video.

Whether it be something commercial or critical, content creators should create posts that give the viewer a sense of the now.

3. Include familiar music.

At the end of Anderson’s “Come Together” video, John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas” is playing in the background. When creators add music to their videos, warmth and familiarity are felt by viewers who know those songs.

It can’t be overstated how much music adds.

With a combination of homage, music, and a great theme, Wes Anderson has made a trending video. Content creators should plan a video that revolves around the current theme of the holidays and have a creative, unusual style when making it. What stands out about the content will separate it from the pack and help it become a trending video.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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