3 Elements That Make Viral Videos Stand Out

When you think of video-making, you may just think of simple shooting and editing. However, it can involve a lot more than that. Today’s most famous vloggers and content creators have stepped up their game when it comes to editing.

If you want your vlogs to be more creative and engaging, try these three things.

1. FunForLouis uses timelapses.

Timelapses have become very popular on YouTube in recent years. A timelapse is
taking a series of shots in the same place for a long period of time. Then, those shots are put together and fast forwarded, making it seem like a shorter period of time.

Vloggers like WahlieTV and FunForLouis have used this method before.

2. PrankVsPrank takes tricky shots.

If you’re bored of simple cut-and-edit shots, try to add more dimension. A popular shot that YouTubers love to do are shots where they are one place doing something, then cut away to a different location doing that same action.

Vlogger Jesse Welle from PrankVsPrank uses many of these shots in the video below. The shots make the video more creative and grab attention.

3. Niki and Gabi include an engaging outro.

Most successful content creators have a visually engaging outro. Their outros usually
have links to another video and showcase their Instagram and Twitter handles. This makes the viewer more engaged and keeps them on the same YouTube channel.

An engaging outro is the perfect conclusion to your video. It keeps the viewer interested and helps you gain subscribers.

To attract viewers and keep them satisfied, simple editing just won’t cut it anymore. The more tricky edits you learn, the more fascinating your videos will be. Be careful not to over do it, though. It’s important to figure when to use fancy shots and when to keep it simple.

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Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give you information, but also perspective.

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