How Markiplier Earned Over 17 million Subscribers

Gaming channels on YouTube have risen in popularity over the past decade. These channels usually feature gameplay along with commentary, which many viewers find entertaining. Names such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye are well known amongst these channels on YouTube. One channel very popular creator is Markiplier.

Markiplier’s channel has grown significantly since the beginning of the trend of gaming channels and is now one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

1. Markiplier created his channel at the beginning stages of a popular YouTube trend.

Markiplier started his channel early, and his channel was able to gain a substantial following due to his content and commentary, which was innovative at the time. Markiplier used his own persona to gather a following on his youtube channel just giving reactions and commentary from his video game playthroughs.

Here is one of Markiplier’s early videos regarding the original Slenderman game.

2. Markiplier is creative and charismatic, which in turn helped him to develop his brand gaming commentary.

Gaming channels can only be as entertaining as the individual who is creating the content and giving commentary. Markiplier’s keys to success are his own humor and creativity. Markiplier’s voice tone also makes viewers engaged in the video, as it feels relatable to them.

3. Markiplier engages with his viewers through comments, reactions, and his own personal stories.

Markiplier is known for actively responding to his fans through his videos and comments. Markiplier’s success is that he seems authentic to his viewers through his work that he puts out and his own personal sharing that he does with his fans, whereas some other YouTubers tend to be more private about their thoughts and feelings.

Here is an example of how Markiplier reaches out to his audience

4. Markiplier’s content became more creative as his channel progressed.

Markiplier since the start of his channel has featured more creativity in content as he gained subscribers and attention. This has led to his success, as he features memes and also videos that are not video game-related on his channel.

These are some of the various reasons as to why Markiplier is featured as one of the premier gaming channels on YouTube. He has gained a following by utilizing his own charisma, persona, and creativity to gain the number of subscribers he currently has.

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