How This Channel Became The First To Reach 5 Million Subscribers

In 2009, Ray William Johnson created the YouTube channel Equals Three. In 2011, it became the first YouTube channel to reach 5 million subscribers. It now has over 10 million subscribers, and Ray William Johnson is a well-known name on YouTube. How did he get this successful?

Here are a few reasons why people love Ray William Johnson’s videos so much.

1. He talks about viral videos.

Equals Three was a show where Ray William Johnson looks at viral videos and gives comedic commentary on them. He makes fun of the people or talks about how great they are in a funny way.

People love watching viral videos, and his show gives them a chance to watch a lot.

2. He does not hold back with his comedy.

Some comedians try to keep their comedy rated PG-13, but Ray William Johnson does not try to be who he is not. He makes the jokes that he wants, even if they are a little more risque, and he has fun with it.

People like seeing comedians who are honest and make jokes the way they hear everyone around them make jokes.

3. His videos are short and sweet.

No one likes watching long, drawn-out YouTube videos. Ray William Johnson knows this and keeps his videos to under 5 minutes, for the most part. This is enough time for viewers to get into the video, but short enough that they do not get bored.

It’s easy to get addicted to videos like this and keep clicking on another one to watch.

Ray William Johnson became the first YouTuber with 5 million subscribers because his videos are funny, contain content people want to see, and are short enough to love without getting bored. People watch his videos, get addicted, and could keep watching for hours.

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