How This Channel Accumulated Over 4.2 Million Subscribers

Marques Brownlee has been active on YouTube since 2008, accumulating over 4.2 million subscribers and 571 million views overall. The technology enthusiast or self-described “Geek” and “Tech Head,” offers tutorials and reviews of all things tech related.

Here’s how Marques’s channel made it big.

1. He makes comparisons of rival products.

Some of Marque’s most popular videos are those in which he compares to rival products. This kind of competition not only peaks the interest of fans, but it also draws in more viewers. as people are naturally curious when it comes to which item performs better.

In addition, his comparison videos are often very timely, as he posts right when one of the products is about to come out.

Check out the comparison of two iPhones here.

2. His reviews are of relatively affordable products.

When it comes to reviews, Marques often chooses to look at products that are relatively more affordable, as opposed to more expensive ones. By doing so, he ensures that the majority of his viewers will be able to purchase the item, thus making his videos more relevant.

Titles are thus especially important because people are more likely to click on a link with headphones under $200, as opposed to headphones under $500.

Watch Marques’s popular review of headphones here.

3. He tests out the newest features.

When a new product comes out, often times the most asked question is “so what’s different?”. Marques capitalizes on this interest by showing exactly what is different about the new item, while also drawing special attention to the most significant changes.

For example, a self-healing phone sounds unbelievable, but he puts it to the test by literally slicing the back of the LG G Flex with a pair of keys. By taking it to the extremes, Marques catches the attention of his audience and encourages them to subscribe for more reviews.

Check out the various tests on the self-healing phone here.

By focusing on affordable, new tech products and comparing their strengths and weaknesses, Marques Brownlee has a found a niche that not many others can say they fit into. Incorporate these three tips in your channel to create a memorable experience for your viewers, and watch your channel go viral.

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