How To Write A Great Channel Description

YouTube has great opportunities for optimizing a channel. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be influenced by how well one writes a channel description. Search Engine Optimization can be achieved by using the correct wording in the description of the video or channel.

1. Make your keywords a priority.

When writing a channel description, it is important to place the keyword of the topic right at the beginning of the sentence. The first words appear in search engine results. If the channel is about dog training, then the description should be about dog training videos.

Here is a video that explains why keywords are important.

2. Include a schedule for uploading videos.

One of the biggest problems channels have is staying on top of videos. The most popular channels have a schedule for uploading videos. Many explain that they will be uploading videos on certain days and their subscribers follow them more closely than they follow those who do not.

This video shows ways to schedule video uploads on YouTube.

3. Collaborate with other channels.

Many popular channels have found collaborating with other channels have helped boost their subscribers. When a creator adds to the channel description that he or she is looking to collaborate with others, this helps retain subscribers for both channels involved.

This video has some hints of how to find other YouTubers to collaborate with.

4. Stay friendly in the description.

Channels that are sparse in description tend to lose subscribers quickly because they aren’t “personable” to their public. The description of a channel can be considered a miniature sales pitch. Keep the description friendly and strong in detail because subscribers are more likely to continue on with the channel if they know for sure what it is about.

Many channel creators have found if they continue to update their description over time, their subscribers are more likely to stay with them.

This video gives some great ideas for writing a positive channel description.

Writing a positive channel description can be an easy task if you know how much it will affect the popularity of your channel. If you stay on top of these four examples, then your channel will begin to grow in popularity.

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