How This Buzzfeed Video Got Almost 2 Million Views

Buzzfeed videos are known for being wacky and wonderful. It’s no surprise that the latest Tasty video, “$1 Ice Cream Vs. $1,000 Ice Cream,” got almost two million views just a few hours after it was uploaded.

Here’s how Buzzfeed’s video went so viral so quickly.

1. It capitalized on a YouTube trend.

YouTube’s latest and greatest video trend is the “$1 vs. $100” challenge. In this video, a vlogger compares the cheap version of a product to a high-end one. Viewers all across YouTube can’t seem to get enough.

Popular vlogger Joey Graceffa did a version of this trend.

2. It’s part of a video series.

This video was part of Buzzfeed’s “Worth It” series. The video series is now in its second season. Viewers check back every week for a new episode.

Here’s the first video of the new season.

3. The video was widely shared on social media.

Buzzfeed shared this video on its popular Facebook page. The post got more than half a million views and five thousand likes on Facebook alone.

Check out the popular post below.

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