How This Boy Became A Social Media Icon

Actor and web star Cameron Dallas is a social media icon. His online presence helped him land movie roles and even somewhat of a music career. Here’s how he did it.

1. He created funny, shareable videos.

Cameron got his start on Vine. In his original videos, he played pranks on his friends and family. His Vine channel quickly became one of the most popular. He built up a huge presence on Instagram as well.

Cameron later branched out to YouTube.

2. He worked with an online company to create a popular show.

Cameron starred in the Netflix movie Expelled. His popularity also led to a reality show deal with Netflix. Chasing Cameron debuted online in late 2016.

3. He works as a brand ambassador.

Cameron’s strong social media presence, especially his huge Instagram following, has led to many major brand deals. Most notably, Cameron works as a brand ambassador for the major fashion label Dolce & Gabbana.

The name Cameron Dallas is synonymous with social media fame. By starting small and working his way up to big labels, Cameron created an immense online following.

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