What It Takes To Make A Great Collab Video

Collab videos are one of the best ways to bring in more views. They also help grow your channel because they bring a whole new audience to your platform. However, creating a great collab video is more than just sitting in front of a camera with another YouTuber.

English vlogger Phil Lester is one of the best collab partners that a vlogger could have. Many of his post popular videos are collaborations, and he even runs a collab channel with his best friend and flatmate Dan Howell. Here’s what you can learn from Phil about making a great collab video.

1. Plan well in advance.

When Phil was filming with Hazel Hayes, he was also preparing to go on tour in America. So, he planned a video that would promote both Hazel’s Irish channel and his own American tour.

Before Hazel came over to film, Phil had a giant map of the United States printed. He also made the flashcards and did all the research he would need to create this America-themed game.

2. Think way outside of the box.

Plenty of vloggers do collaborations similar to what they’ve already seen on YouTube. Phil, however, prefers to invent his own games, quizzes, and other unique concepts for videos.

Rather than answering questions about themselves, Phil had some questions about the future for PJ Liguori.

3. Find a collab partner you have great chemistry with.

It’s all too often that vloggers only pretend to be friends for a collaboration. However, if you can find a good friend who also happens to create content, then you’ve got the perfect formula for a video that viewers will love.

Phil’s most popular collaborations feature Dan Howell, his longtime best friend.

Creating a great collab video is one part planning and one part finding the perfect partner. Follow these tips to create a collab video that your audience will love.

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