How This Vlogger Invented A Popular Video Format

Nowadays, every content creator is testing “As Seen On TV” products. However, before everyone was doing it, only one creator had the power to start the trend. Beauty vlogger and paranormal adventurer Bunny Meyer was the first YouTuber to test these wacky and wonderful products. She popularized this video format with her series “Does This Thing Really Work?”.

Here’s how Bunny Meyer invented a popular video format.

1. She filled a niche that no one else was creating videos for.

Before YouTube, consumers had only the infomercials to tell them which TV products were worth buying. Bunny, however, sought to challenge these companies by showing her views which products really worked the way the commercials claimed they did.

Both Bunny’s subscribers and people who are interested in the products she tests watch these videos.

2. She didn’t mind when other content creators copied her idea.

Rather than trying to make product testing her only “thing,” Bunny didn’t mind when other content creators starting testing TV products, too. She knew that the more opinions that were available, the more people would watch the videos from both creators.

Joey Graceffa recently made a video like Bunny’s.

3. She kept making the videos that her audience needed.

Even when everyone else on YouTube started copying her video ideas, Bunny kept making “Does This Thing Really Work?”. She tested as many products as possible, earning herself expert status when it came to TV product testing.

She’s still making “Does This Thing Really Work?”.

Bunny Meyer created a popular video format by filling a niche that no other content creator was filling. By continuing to create the content that made her famous, Bunny has become the expert on TV product testing.

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