How This Beauty Guru Gets Thousands Of Views

Beauty gurus have become the ultimate makeup consultation for many young adults. They review thousands of makeup products for people who are looking for a second opinion. Tati, also known as GlamLifeGuru, is a popular makeup reviewer that many viewers trust.

Here is how she gets thousands of views.

1. Tati reviews a wide variety of products.

Makeup ranges from drugstore to high-end prices. This helps bring in different viewers because of the variety of makeup that she reviews. She also compares expensive makeup with cheap makeup to show which products work better.

Reviewing a variety of products attracts different audiences, which helps bring in views. Tati has done hundreds of reviews for people who are seeking certain products and reliable makeup critiques.

2. She goes beyond what the average beauty guru does.

Tati uses the products that she is reviewing during her daily makeup routine. She wears the products to show her viewers how they look and how long they last. She also gives check-ins throughout her video to show how the makeup is holding up.

This gives people a good idea of how the products work and if they’re worth buying. Watching someone else give a review for a product can influence their product consumption.

3. Tati shares her daily routine through her vlogs.

The vlogs that she posts are as simple as running errands and attending events. This makes her viewers relate to her because she is showing them that she lives an ordinary life.

A viewer’s personal connection to a YouTuber is important because it creates a sense of loyalty between the viewers and the creator.

4. She reviews expensive products to check if they are worth the price.

Many people are naturally attracted to things that are rare and expensive. Tati buys expensive makeup so that people can see if the products are worth buying. Her main target audience is young adults. Many of them cannot afford to buy expensive makeup, so Tati gives them insight into whether or not they should save their money. She shows her viewers that just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth their money.

Makeup products are advertised to attract people, but sometimes seeing reviews can help influence your opinion on the product. Watching makeup reviews saves many people’s time and money. Tati gains views by reviewing hundreds of makeup products for people who are seeking a second opinion.

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