How This 5SOS Music Video Became Wildly Popular

Five Seconds of Summer is an Australian rock band that has gained a lot of popularity through their music. They have created a close bond with their fans by making sure that they know that they are not any different from each other.

Throughout the years, body empowerment has become important. It has brought millions of people together, and it has brought a lot of positivity. 5SOS helped spread this message through its breakout single “She Looks So Perfect.”

Here’s why the “She Looks So Perfect” music video received millions of views.

1. The video addressed a trending topic.

Not only has body empowerment become popular, but it is being implemented into the media. Five Seconds of Summer created a music video that shared body positivity. There were a variety of people with different kinds of body shapes and ages shown in the video. It was a way for the band members to express their beliefs on how everyone should be accepting of the bodies that they were born into.

2. The music video did not just focus on the band members.

The music video was able to give the spotlight to a variety of people. The video had storylines that showed different people interacting with each other. Their stories combined together to give out the same message- that every individual looked perfect in his or her own way. It was a way to explain to their viewers that everyone is important and should not be judged by how they look or act.

3. The video shared an important message with viewers.

The message that the song gives out to young adults is that they should not worry about how they are viewed by others. The music video backs up what the song is saying by showing a range of cultures and body shapes. The fans were inspired by what 5SOS shared.

When viewers see that there is positive content being created, they share it and promote it to as many people as possible.

A positive message can be something that hooks a viewer into sharing your content. Choosing a popular topic like body positivity also attracts viewers because it is something that is being talked about at that moment. 5 Seconds of Summer was able to capture a message in their music video that gained millions of views.

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