How This DIY Channel Made It Big

The YouTube channel “Primitive Technology” has been around since 2015, and it has made a big impact from the beginning. Millions of viewers come together every month to watch an anonymous man, who fans refer to as “Prim,” construct homes and tools using only what he can find in nature. With some videos reaching as many as 24 million views, it’s a wonder how this anonymous Australian native became so popular.

Here is how “Primitive Technology” made it big.

1. The videos appeal to the curiosity of the human mind.

Have you ever wondered how mankind built societies without modern technology, or maybe even questioned how is it possible to build a tiled roof hut using only what one can find in nature?

Prim turns this curiosity into reality, and fans across the globe come together to have their questions answered. By showcasing his unique skills, Prim has managed to hook millions of viewers whose curiosity brings them back month after month.

Watch how Prim builds his hut here.

2. He keeps his videos focused on demonstration.

Prim’s videos are all about the action, or as he calls it, “pure demonstration.” By refusing to speak in his videos, viewers get the chance to simply watch him work, while also enjoying the sounds of chirping birds in the background. Many fans have claimed to find it oddly peaceful, and they embrace the silence as another connection to nature.

Check out one of Prim’s most popular videos below.

3. He provides viewers with DIY instructions.

While Prim’s videos may not include any talking, interested fans are still able to recreate the project at home by simply looking at the description. Under each video, Prim lists detailed instructions on how to DIY, citing everywhere from the weight of a rock to the length of the wood. By doing so, Prim transforms his entertaining project into a successful “How-To” video and gives fans yet another reason to return to his channel.

Put your nature skills to the test and learn how to build a bow and arrow here.

“Primitive Technology” has found a niche that not many people could successfully enter on their own. By taking a new approach to technology and vlogging rules altogether, Prim has set himself apart from other creators. Incorporate these tips into your next video, and watch as your channel takes off.

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