How This Athlete Is Receiving So Much Attention Off The Court

Lonzo Ball is an NBA-bound point guard who has a very supportive father in his life.

Here’s why he’s talked about so much.

1. His father has made a few viral comments.

Lavar Ball is the father of Lonzo Ball. He’s known for his outrageous and somewhat visionary comments. In a video on YouTube, he made himself known by being a special guest on a very popular show called First Take. The video currently has over a million views on Youtube.

Check out the video.

2. He has game.

Lonzo Ball is projected to be a top three pick in the NBA draft. Regardless of the issues his father brings, it doesn’t seem to phase him as he continues to succeed on and off the court. In an interview on YouTube, Lonzo was asked how he handles the pressure his dad puts on him.

Here’s the video.

3. His new shoes got everyone talking.

About a month ago, Lonzo Ball has been causing controversy over the price of his new shoes. The price of the shoes was $500, which is crazy to think since Lonzo hasn’t even played an NBA game yet.

In a video on YouTube, Lavar Ball went on a show called Undisputed and talked biasedly about the release of the shoes.

Check out the video.

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