How This Music Video Got More Than 6 Million Views

Talented people have used social media and YouTube to promote their work and gain attention for their talents. One such talented content creator is the musical group ODESZA, which has become a prominent name in EDM music. They have been featured in various media such as radio and television. Their songs have a significant number of views on YouTube for a relatively recent band.

These are the reasons why ODESZA’s music video for “Say My Name” ft Zyra has earned over six million views on YouTube.

1. ODESZA’s music has a totally unique sound.

ODESZA creates music that is totally unique in the EDM world. Their music does not fit into any specific genre of music, although it is mostly classified as EDM.

The music they produce incorporates different sounds and tones than traditional music does. ODESZA utilizes various instruments in their music and produces music that is pleasant to listen to.

Below is an example of their unique music.

2. The collaborations they do with vocalists make their music popular.

ODESZA frequently collaborates with vocalists to give their music the distinctive sound it has. The vocalists give the song a particular tone and mood depending upon what they are singing or humming. The vocals in their music flow well with the beats they produce.

Below is one of their best collaborations.

3. Their music videos are creative and meaningful.

The music videos ODESZA produces are imaginative and creative. The music videos tend to reflect the moods of the songs and are usually very colorful. Their music videos are unique and artistic, which is appreciated by viewers.

Below is the music video for “Say My Name.”

These are the reasons why ODESZA’s music video for “Say My Name” ft. Zyra earned over six million views on YouTube. Their musical sound is distinctive and shows their creativity. The collaborations they do with vocalists give their music a unique sound, and their music videos showcase their creative side.

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