How This Artist’s First Song Got To #1 On iTunes

Jake Paul is a former Viner turned YouTube sensation. His first hit “It’s Everyday Bro” made it to the top of the charts within a week of its release.

Here’s how he did it.

1. He made a ridiculous music video.

The budget for the music video is insane. He’s rolling around in a Lamborghini, getting crazy shots of his mansion. The whole thing is exorbitant. It fits right into its genre.

A similar video could have been accomplished with a smaller budget. Just look at Post Malone’s video for “White Iverson,” which was produced with just $5,000. The video was enough to turn heads, even for those who weren’t already fans of Paul.

2. He asked his followers for help.

There is a string of tweets from Paul commenting on the ranking of his song. He begged people for help in getting to the number one spot. Then, he called out Kendrick Lamar once he surpassed him.

He admitted that the accomplishment was due to the dedication of his fans. They spammed the song for a full day.

3. He embraced the mockery that ensued.

The video and the song were riddled with errors and embarrassing inconsistencies. It’s like a Disney Channel music video directed in an hour by someone trying to make a quick buck. The result of this and the behavior of Paul around the song’s popularity attracted attention from what he would refer to as “haters.”

Rather than sweeping the hate under the rug, he brought it to light, called out his own brother specifically, and he followed up with merchandise that poked fun at what was said. In the end, the hate is what cemented this song as a legend on YouTube, at least for another week.

Jake Paul’s video is silly, and it drummed up a lot of drama. This worked in his favor, though. Any press is good press, after all.

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