How This Weird YouTuber Became A Success

The Report Of The Week is a channel run by an oddball. He mostly does fast food reviews now, and while the format seems played out, he brings his own flavor that makes his videos stand out.

Here’s how The Report Of The Week became a YouTube cult classic.

1. He imitates a popular format.

For whatever reason, eating fast food in a car and talking about the flavor is a popular YouTube format. Perhaps its popularity is due to intrigue. Whatever the case, Running On Empty Food Review, Report Of The Week’s food review show, follows the same formula.

By imitating an existing and popular format, creator John (who requests that his full name not be published) takes a risk of being stale and overshadowed. He adds his own twist, though, which in turn places him in the high ranks of the genre.

2. He stays true to his own odd personality.

John is almost robotic in his delivery. He follows similar lines of dialogue whenever he reviews a new dish. He has the same tone and demeanor in every video. He even wears the same style clothes in every video: an ill-fitting suit and slicked hair. The main draw to his channel is his strange cantor.

He’s been doing it since he was a teenager. His consistency has earned him a cult following that in turn promote his videos for him.

3. He has allowed himself to become a meme.

John’s image is so unique that fans have begun to use it as a joke. It’s sort of like viral marketing, but John has no control over it. He even comes out at times and asks fans to stop, but even he knows that it’s no use.

Being a meme means advertising in peculiar places. People who have to interest or business watching his videos already know his face, and they may even be enticed to look into him just based on his bizarre portrait.

John has stayed true to his format, making few minor adjustments, since he started. His character sells itself, and by allowing the internet to take hold, he has become larger than he really has any business being.

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