How One Channel Earned Over 700K Subscribers

YouTube has become a choice of format for many content creators. YouTube content creators also have varied in the type of content they produce. They can focus on gaming, music, fashion, etc. One such channel, which is dedicated to daily vlogging and fashion, is QrewTV.

QrewTV, run by Qias Omar, is a channel dedicated to daily events and fashion, in particular, when it comes to sneakers. These are the reasons why QrewTV has gained over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

1. QrewTV’s content is creative and entertaining.

QrewTV focuses on content related to daily vlogging and fashion. The content he primarily focuses on is sneakers and fashion. The type of fashion he primarily introduces is street fashion or casual wear. The videos themselves feature him in his daily vlogs, which can be interesting, depending upon that day’s events.

Below is an example of his content.

2. He features various people and other YouTubers in his videos.

QrewTV regularly collabs with others in his videos, whether it is friends or other YouTubers. His channel features these individuals, which results in quite a bit of views due to their viewers watching the videos as well.

Below is an example this with a vlog featuring YouTuber Adam Saleh.

3. QrewTV’s videos are high quality.

The vlogs on the channel are recorded with clarity and great detail. The videos are edited rather well in a creative way. He usually puts music in his vlogs and even memes for funny moments, which showcases his video editing skills. The cameras he uses for his daily vlogs are good quality, which is shown through his videos.

Below is an example of one of his videos.

Above are the reasons why QrewTV has earned over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. The type of content he produces is entertaining, and he usually features other YouTubers in his videos. His videos and editing are creative and detailed, which is attractive to viewers.

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