How This Artist Got Hundreds Of Thousands Of Subscribers

There are many music artists who have used YouTube as a platform for bringing attention to their work. Many relatively unknown musicians have become popular due to uploading their music on YouTube. One such musician is Flume, who has become quite popular in recent years.

His Youtube channel reflects this, and the reasons listed below highlight why Flume earned over 900,000 on his YouTube channel.

1. Flume’s music is creative and pleasant-sounding to many listeners.

Flume’s style of music is unique to listeners and shows how electronic music has evolved. His music is featured in various media, and each song has a unique feel to it. The music he produces can also vary in tone and even in beat style, which shows his flexibility in producing different tunes.

Below is an example of Flume’s music.

2. His music videos are distinctive and entertaining.

Flume’s music videos showcase his creativity and artistic side. The music videos he produces and uploads to his channel have their own stories and give off different moods. His music videos themselves are works of art because they does not look like most traditional music videos.

Below is one of Flume’s music videos.

3. Flume’s remixes are interesting and attractive to fans of other artists.

Flume’s musical remixes of original songs show his creative approach to music production. His remixes are interesting because the original song may not have anything to do with the genre he produces music in. The remixes he does are interesting and give the song a different perspective.

Here’s a remix from Flume.

These are the reasons why Flume has earned a significant number of subscribers on YouTube. His brand of music is distinctive along with his music videos, which showcase his creativity. His remixes are interesting and give a different feel to the songs compared to their original sounds.

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