How BuzzFeedBlue Beat The 5 Million Subscribers Mark

Social media has become an influential platform for gaining a following and providing news and info faster than traditional reporting. Some organizations in this field have utilized social media for the purpose of providing information that people would not ordinarily know about.

BuzzFeed is one such company which has become quite popular in recent years.They have multiple YouTube channels, one of which is BuzzFeedBlue.

These are the reasons why BuzzFeedBlue has gained over five million subscribers on YouTube.

1. The diverse range of content in their videos is interesting.

BuzzFeedBlue focuses on a wide range of content for their videos, which is appealing to a wide audience of viewers. They upload videos, which may be of reactions to certain things on the web or television, or they may investigate a problem or even supernatural event. Their video content is usually lighthearted and funny, which is also appealing to many viewers.

Below is an example of their content style in a video.

2. BuzzFeedBlue’s cast members utilize their personalities and reactions to make the videos funny.

The cast within the video content always makes their videos interesting. Whether it is through awkward situations or reactions to particular videos or events, it will always contain comedic elements. The work they put into the videos shows how dedicated they are to their channel.

Below is an example of the cast showing their comedic sides.

3. The videos and editing show their creativity.

The videos they produce highlight their video editing skills and ability to record with high quality. BuzzFeedBlue’s videos show how the cast can be creative in their own challenges or situations they do for a video. The videos themselves have interesting topics and may contain cool new information.

Below is an example of their creativity.

These are the reasons why BuzzFeedBlue has earned over five million subscribers on YouTube. Their diverse range in content and the cast make their videos interesting and hilarious. Their video editing skills highlight their creative ideas.

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