How Demi Lovato Became A Pop Princess

Demi Lovato’s music isn’t quite like that of any other pop star. Her rocker chick persona and devil-may-care attitude truly set her apart in the music world. However, it’s her love for her fans that keeps her at the top.

Here’s how Demi Lovato became a pop princess.

1. Her debut album pushed the envelope.

When Demi released Don’t Forget in 2008, most Disney Channel music was bubblegum pop. However, she shook things up with her rock-inspired debut album, spawning several major hits and launching an incredible career.

Check out her breakout single “La La Land.”

2. Her looks evolved with her music.

Demi’s hair color has been as ever-evolving as her music. She’s dyed her locks black, pink, blonde, and blue. She’s added tattoos and shaved half her head. Each new look, however, has defined a new “era” in Demi’s musical career.

No one can forget the jet black hair and pink lips that followed the Here We Go Again album.

3. She starred in musicals to showcase her talents to new audiences.

Demi first rose to fame as Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock. However, she also lent her voice to Glee and, most recently, the Smurfs movie. Starring in musicals showcased Demi’s talent to new audiences.

She lent her vocals to the Frozen soundtrack.

Demi Lovato became a pop princess by pushing the envelope and working hard. By changing up your look and starring in musicals, you just may catch your big break, too.

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