How This Artist Earned An Audience Of A Million Subscribers

YouTube, for most artists, has become a medium to attract followers to their brands of music. It has been proven to be a successful format in reaching a more diverse fan base. One such artist who has utilized YouTube is YG, who has become quite popular in recent years as a rap artist.

His YouTube channel has earned an impressive number of subscribers, and the reasons below highlight why he has.

1. YG’s style of rap music is interesting to listeners.

YG’s musical style relates to his own brand of music and regional influences. His music can be classified as West Coast rap with some dirty South influences as well. YG’s music is entertaining to listeners, and his style is distinctive.

Below is an example of his rap style.

2. His collaborations with other artists are popular with fans.

YG regularly collabs with other well-known artists, and this has brought him some success and raised his own music profile. His music has become popular and is heard on radio stations and other outlets, as he is becoming a premier rap artist.

Below is an example of one of his collabs with Drake.

3. He has marketed his music in a proficient way.

His music marketing skills have been rather successful, as he managed to bring attention to his music. Whether it is through public events or performances, he has been trying to utilize media to gain a bigger listener base.

Below is an example of his music marketing with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Above are the reasons why YG’s YouTube channel has earned over a million subscribers. His brand of music is entertaining, and his regular collabs with other artists raise his own musical profile. The music marketing skills he has utilized has demonstrated his ability to reach a diverse listener base.

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