How This YouTuber Gets Half A Million Views On Every Video

Mexican YouTuber Materialisimo has found immense YouTube success. By following the trend of over-the-top editing and making fun of gamer videos, he has reached 700,000 subscribers, averaging about half a million views per new video.

His success was not immediate, however, and he shares his experience in his video about being a YouTuber. Here is what he had to say.

1. His first hurdle was the anxiety of success.

Materialisimo made videos for his own enjoyment, not to become famous or be a career YouTuber. When he first hit 1,000 subscribers, a fairly small amount, he experienced extreme anxiety. He deleted his first channel and stopped making content.

The pressure to please an audience can be daunting. In Materialisimo’s case, he may have been too young to enter the limelight at the time. Pulling the plug may have been the healthy decision. Ultimately, he returned to his passion and learned to embrace the success.

2. He made one hit that got freebooted endlessly.

Materialisimo’s first big video, “You’ve been making juice wrong all your life,” was simple, goofy, and became a prime example of the new MLG video genre. Unfortunately, the video was too successful in that it got stolen by tons of Facebook pages, none of which gave him any credit. With this being his first hit, Materialisimo wasn’t totally sure how to handle this.

He tried claiming a lot of the rip-off videos, but eventually, he just let go. Luckily, this video was seen by some of the other major hitters in the genre, and he started to gain popularity within their group.

Freebooting is an issue that plagues YouTubers. There really is no right way to deal with it. If one specific Facebook user is stealing the videos, it may be worthwhile to address that person. However, this is a legal issue, so a consultation for every specific case would be advised.

3. His videos started to get claimed.

One risk of the MLG genre is the fact that it relies on piecing together a ton of already existing material. Unfortunately for Materialisimo, one clip he used repeatedly was being claimed by its original creator. It was a short audio clip, but the claims resulted in tons of lost revenue.

Getting a video claimed, especially for something as trivial as a small audio clip, is frustrating and can even end a YouTuber’s career. Fighting a claim can result in a strike, which can eventually lead to getting a channel removed entirely.

After the whole fiasco, Materialisimo vowed to never get his videos claimed again. He has taken extra precautions to only use material made for public use.

Despite all his challenges, Materialisimo still makes successful videos. He loves editing, and that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s trying out for MLG.

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