How This Actress Built Up A Successful YouTube Channel

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale is now starring in the role of YouTube star. The singer and actress already has more than a million subscribers, and her videos often hit the top of the trending page.

Here’s how Ashley Tisdale built up a successful YouTube channel.

1. She incorporates popular video formats into her content.

The main focus of the channel is Ashley herself. Rather than branding it as a specifically music or beauty channel, Ashley vlogs about several different popular topics. She’s made popular cover videos, makeup tutorials, and even recipes.

2. She collaborates with much-requested guests.

As an actress, Ashley has a lot of celebrity friends. Her subscribers love to see her friends in her videos, so Ashley often invites a fellow musician to join her for one of her popular “Music Sessions” videos. She tries to collaborate with the friends and costars that her viewers most want to watch her sing with.

3. She promotes her videos on Instagram with a unique hashtag.

Because she uploads new videos on Tuesdays, Ashley decided that she would use #TizzieTuesday to promote her content. She includes the hashtag every time she posts about a video on Instagram, and she encourages her followers to do the same.

Ashley Tisdale built up a successful channel by listening to what her subscribers wanted. She incorporates popular video formats and special guests into her videos.

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