How This Guy Gained An Audience Of 3 Million

Manny Gutierrez is a successful makeup artist and beauty influencer. He has more than three million subscribers on YouTube and another three million followers on Instagram. He’s also the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline.

Here’s how Manny MUA gained an audience of three million.

1. He started his channel after gaining real world experience in the beauty industry.

Before he was a major beauty influencer, Manny was a makeup artist. He worked at both Sephora and MAC before starting his channel in 2014. Now, Manny uses the skills he learned as a makeup artist to teach others how to make themselves feel beautiful.

2. He collaborated with several popular beauty brands.

A large part of Manny’s success is due to the expertise that his name carries. Manny built up his credibility by partnering with several major beauty brands to sell high-quality products. Early in his career, Manny collaborated with Makeup Geek and Ofra Cosmetics.

3. He continues to keep his business ventures YouTube-focused.

Manny’s latest career move was a partnership with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Because Jeffree Star is another major YouTube star, he and Manny have been able to promote their new makeup line in many videos.

Manny MUA is a major name in the YouTube beauty community because he built up credibility early in his career. By keeping his business ventures YouTube-focused, he’s growing his audience even more.

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