How This 23-Year-Old Vlogger Gained 6.4 Million Subscribers

Known as the “slime queen,” Karina Garcia is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger who posts about DIYs, hauls and makeup tutorials. She began her YouTube career in February 2015 and since then has been releasing videos every week. Karina has become a popular YouTuber. She gained 250,000 subscribers in her channel’s first six months.

Here’s how Karina gained tremendous success in the past years.

1. She’s famous for her slime videos.

Yes, Karina is the queen of slime. She makes all sorts of slime videos, ranging from DIY slime stress balls, mega fluffy slime, Oreo slime, galaxy slime, and the list goes on. Slime has become her unique feature, and now, fans can even purchase her DIY slime kit at Target.

2. She does a lot of challenges.

Challenges are always fun to watch because they cut away from the typical video routines. It’s also fun to see your favorite YouTuber do dumb things because it’s entertaining.

3. Her life hacks are very creative.

Every now and then, you need some life hacks. Karina has a ton of life hacks on her channel that are very creative and easy to do. By creating videos like these, she is teaching her viewers things they might not know.

Karina’s reputation as the slime queen has made her a very popular vlogger. Her videos are very creative and fun to watch. With such a goofy personality, Karina’s success can only continue to grow from this point on.

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