What Makes Dan Meyer A Star Entertainer

You’ve probably watched a sub-par magic show or been to a comedian’s less-than-funny performance. However, stage shows can be extremely entertaining when you’ve got the right personality on stage.

Dan Meyer gives a sharp performance as a sword swallower. He’s a world champion and record holder whose performances are in demand all across the world. After making it to the final fifty contestants on America’s Got Talent, Dan brought his talents before a whole new audience.

Here’s what makes Dan Meyer a major up-and-coming entertainment star.

1. He’s a world expert and record holder.

Dan has been named the world champion sword swallower forty times. He holds seven Guinness world records and has appeared on television shows such as Stan Lee’s Superhumans and The Today Show.

However, Dan isn’t just a sword swallower. He’s the lead expert on the art of sword swallowing, serving as president of the Sword Swallowers Association International. He is also an avid historical researcher who dedicates much of his time to preserving the 4000-year-old art of sword swallowing.

2. He has a powerful story to tell.

Dan wasn’t always so fearless. Growing up in Indianna, he dealt with bullies, serving as the target of their teasing. However, rather than letting the hurt define him, Dan decided to let it drive him to find his calling in life by doing the impossible.

He first became interested in sword swallowing by watching performances at circus sideshows during his childhood. He fell in love with the art all over again when he visited India on a mission trip. It was then that Dan became passionate about learning how to accomplish the dangerous feats of sword swallowing himself.

3. He shares more with his audience than just a performance.

Dan has been a sword swallower since 1997 when he began a four-year journey to master the art. Even though he is an expert performer, Dan had one near-fatal experience when he attempted to swallow five swords at once. However, after surviving the incident, he said, “I enjoy performing REAL feats that people think are impossible to demonstrate how incredible God made the human body, and to inspire people to do the impossible in their lives.”

Dan has been described as a “Christian David Copperfield.” He combines his fantastic performances with a powerful message for his audience. Dan is also a seasoned TED Talk speaker.

Dan Meyer continues to give astounding performances all over the world at universities, corporate events, concerts, churches, artist tours, and other incredible venues. Dan proves that entertainers can give their audiences so much more than just a stage show.

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