How These Instrumentalists Became Internet Stars

Many people, when thinking of stringed instrument,s think of stuffy people going to an orchestra concert or some sort of jazz concert. YouTube, however, has dusted off the strings of these instruments to bring new trends to life. 2 Cellos is a music channel on YouTube where Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser have taken their two cellos to new musical heights.

Here is the video that put them on the map.

Here’s how 2 Cellos turned their talent into YouTube stardom.

1. They stay true to the fans who first made them famous.

2 Cellos like to post new videos once a week. Their videos include everything from their official covers to live videos from their concerts. Many of the comments on their videos are positive, and their viewers find they are drawn to more classical music because of their efforts. They have posted videos letting their viewers get to know them.

Here is one of their very funny personal videos.

2. They perform and tour with bigger artists.

2 Cellos has always felt that performing live without any tricks or musical enhancements show the talent of the individuals. They are always looking for ways to perform live. Sir Elton John invited them on his world tour, and their name was spread throughout the world because of this.

Their channel has received over a million subscribers with hundreds of millions views on their videos. Obviously, their zeal for being live always has made an impact on their subscribers.

Here is a video where Sir Elton John sings the praise of 2 Cellos.

3. They collaborate with artists in other genres.

Besides Sir Elton John, the 2 Cellos have plied their trade with talented musicians like Andrea Bocelli, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Vai, and movie composers such as James Newton Howard.

Their work on numerous projects have been keeping them busy, and yet they are still posting new videos every week. They are even participating in musical competitions across the globe. They will not stop and their success across the globe has shown this.

Here is a video showcasing their international success.

2 Cellos became famous by putting their music first. Follow these tips to turn your musical talent into internet fame.

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