How The Chainsmokers Got Nominated For A Grammy

On Sunday, February 12, CBS will be hosting the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Among the list of nominees includes two friends, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, better known as The Chainsmokers. This duo has been nominated for Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (with their song Closer), and Best Dance Recording (Don’t Let Me Down). But how did these new artists earn these nominations?

Here are a few reasons why.

1. Listeners can’t help but sing along.

When a song by The Chainsmokers comes on over the radio or a speaker, people cannot help but sing along to it. The songs are just that catchy. Whether it be “Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” or “Roses,” everyone gets into it when the song comes on.

Create songs with catchy, simple lyrics to get your listeners singing along.

2. The beat of their music is easily recognizable.

Seconds into the song coming on, fans of The Chainsmokers will know exactly what is being played. The two musicians know exactly how to make a catchy beat that will put any listener into the mood before someone even starts singing.

In their song “Don’t Let Me Down,” the initial beat is all anyone needs to know what is about to be played.

3. They never gave up on achieving their music dreams.

In 2012, Andrew and Alex were barely making it through, but they never gave up on their music. “#Selfie” was released in 2014, and The Chainsmokers became well-known. With a song that was intended for their friends to hear, the two were invited onto The Ellen Degeneres Show and are now on their way to possibly winning a Grammy.

Not every musician will make it big in a hurry, but if your music is catchy and you never give up, you can possibly get nominated for a Grammy, too.

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Patrick Jahnke is a college student at Wabash College. He hopes to be a writer and professor after he graduates.

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