How This Channel Has Kept Its 4.7 Million Subscribers Coming Back For More

The creator of Guava Juice, Roi Fabito, has built up what was once a personal YouTube account into a creative, entertaining, and extremely successful channel with over 4.7 million subscribers. Building up an account is a very different story than keeping it going, however.

Here’s how Roi keeps his subscribers coming back for more.

1. He’s consistent with his subscribers’ favorite video series.

Approximately one year ago, Roi Fabito found a particularly unique niche when he submerged himself in a bathtub filled with a variety of “ice” products. Since then, he has completed just under 60 bathtub challenges. By remaining consistent with his challenges, but switching up exactly what goes into them, he makes sure his viewers know what they’re in for and eagerly await the next video.

Check out Roi’s most popular bath challenge here.

2. He’s willing to eat almost anything.

Bath challenges aren’t the only appeal to Guava Juice. Roi has kept things interesting by consuming a variety of odd “snacks,” including scorpions, giant gummy pythons, and beetles. While slightly repulsive, the uniqueness of the challenge intrigues fans and attracts more viewers to the channel.

Watch one of Roi’s most disturbing eating challenge below.

3. He takes DIY experiments to the extreme.

Many students have experimented with Diet Coke and Mentos or making ice cream in a ball, but not many have taken it to the level that Roi has. By taking common experiments that everyone has heard of, but adding in extra components that make the outcome more visually entertaining, he makes his audience members more intrigued in the videos. Therefore, they repeatedly return to the channel.

Watch Roi mix diet coke and mentos inside a Wubble Bubble here.

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own channel or just need help boosting views, following in the footsteps of Guava Juice is sure to get you one step closer to reaching your YouTube goals.

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