How These Creators Maintain Multiple Channels

Lately, many top creators have been starting additional channels, which can add more viewers than they currently have on their main channels. Some YouTubers, such as Pewdiepie, have created alternate channels, and these channels have also become successful.

The Hodgetwins have created multiple channels, each of which has more than a million subscribers. Here’s why their multiple channels have become so successful.

1. Their personalities and humor are consistent from channel to channel.

One reason why the Hodgetwins have retained successful Youtube channels is due to their distinct personalities and comedy. They make simple videos, but they add to each other’s humor by sharing their opinions in a blunt manner

Below is an example of their humor and personality.

2. Each new channel varies in content.

For each channel, the Hodgetwins have a different focus on the type of videos they will produce. For example, one channel is reserved specifically for vlogging, whereas another channel will be focused on weight-lifting techniques and advice. This variation in their content has gained them impressive view counts on their videos and respective channels.

Below is an example of this content variation on one of their channels.

3. They continue to interact with their fans.

The Hodgetwins have been unique in their approach to their videos, as they always consider the opinions and questions of their fans. They offer their own views on particular issues and things, but they also consider their viewers as they respond to them. One such channel is dedicated to answering fan’s questions and giving them advice, which is askhodgetwins. They are also famous for their own memes, which they usually create by saying particular things that are repeated in videos.

Below is an example of this interaction they have with their viewers.

The various reasons listed above are why the Hodgetwins have become so successful with the different YouTube channels they have. Their own brand of humor and personality has attracted viewers to their channels, and the content they do create varies with each channel. Also, what sets them apart is that they interact frequently with their viewers.

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