How These Buzzfeed Employees Created A Successful YouTube Channel

Buzzfeed’s Ladylike series became a YouTube sensation. Viewers loved to watch the women test crazy products and life hacks. More importantly, the viewers loved catching up with their favorite female friends on a weekly basis. Now, the Ladylike crew is starting a YouTube channel of their own.

Here’s how these Buzzfeed staff members are creating a successful YouTube channel.

1. They collaborated with a successful media company.

The Ladylike crew aren’t the first YouTube sensations to collaborate with Buzzfeed. Former Viner turned YouTuber Gabbie Hanna worked with Buzzfeed near the start of her career, and Ladylike alum Safiya Nygaard recently launched a constantly-trending channel.

Safiya started Ladylike when she was still with Buzzfeed and helped make it the success that it was.

2. They capitalize on current trends.

Whenever there’s a new beauty trend on social media, you can bet that the Ladylike team is going to show the rest of the internet how it’s done. However, unlike most beauty gurus, they show viewers how real people can incorporate crazy trends into their daily lives.

The ladies recently tried out some luxurious makeup.

3. They offer diverse perspectives for a wide audience.

No two viewers are the same, and neither are any of the Ladylike members. This beautiful and diverse crew has something for everyone. Each member brings her own unique perspective to the group, which makes the videos appeal to a wide audience.

The women’s different experiences keep the videos fresh and interesting.

Viewers come for Ladylike’s content but stay for their amazing personalities. Study these ladies to learn how to make your own channel more successful.

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