How This British YouTuber Gained 6 Million+ Subscribers

Dan Howell is one of the biggest European names on YouTube. His channel boasts more than six million subscribers and nearly ten years of content. His YouTube career has led to a book, a world tour, and even a YouTube Red documentary.

Here’s how Dan Howell became the YouTube star that he is today.

1. His videos have kept the same style since the very beginning.

Starting with “Hello Internet” in 2009, Dan has uploaded countless vlogs, storytimes, and all around internet goofiness. He uploaded his first video with the encouragement from friends, including frequent collaboration partner Phil Lester.

Now, Dan’s videos still have the same simple set-up as “Hello Internet” did. Even though his camera quality has gotten better and his hair has gotten shorter, Dan never tries to be something that he’s not. He knows that he doesn’t need over-the-top editing tricks or silly background music to make videos that his viewers will love.

Watch Dan’s very first video below.

2. He found a frequent collaboration partner, and they built a brand together.

Any subscriber would agree that Dan is not Dan without Phil Lester. Together, Dan and Phil have completely taken over YouTube. They began collaborating together frequently after becoming roommates, and since then, they’ve amassed a huge hybrid fan base.

Creating such a strong working relationship and friendship with Phil has opened up more opportunities than Dan may have found on his own. Together, they have turned “Dan and Phil” into a brand that includes merch, YouTube Red productions, and books.

Every year, Dan and Phil record their iconic collaboration “Phil Is Not On Fire.”

3. He has a second channel and a collaboration channel.

Dan posts behind-the-scenes and occasional livestreams on his secondary channel, danisnotinteresting. With Phil, he created the gaming channel DanAndPhilGAMES. Both channels brought in a casual few million extra viewers.

Check out one of their gaming videos below.

Dan Howell made the right move when he left university to pursue vlogging as a fulltime career. Follow in his footsteps to set your own YouTube career on fire.

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