5 New Video Ideas To Kickstart Your Channel

YouTubers are always after the next biggest and brightest thing. Growing your channel is like setting a competition against yourself, and sometimes all you need is a little push to get ahead.

Here are five new video ideas to kickstart your channel.

1. Challenge yourself to an impossible dare.

YouTuber TechRax must really like Coca-Cola. Last year, he went viral for filling an entire swimming pool with the soda. The video now has more than 53 million views, making TechRax an instant YouTube legend.

2. Call out a company that scammed you.

When The Gabbie Show was scammed out of hundreds of dollars by a shifty car rental company, she took her complaints to someone who cared- her loyal viewers. By calling out Thrifty in this video, she brought a lot of attention to both the company’s shortcomings and her awesome channel.

3. Do something nice for your furry friend.

Jenna Marbles’s dogs are almost as famous as she is. Anytime she makes a video about them, it gets millions of views. She’s built a tiny living room for her dogs, lifted one into the air with balloons, and even staged a puppy wedding.

4. Let social media decide your future.

When Safiya Nygaard decided to purchase the first five products advertised on her Facebook feed, she created a video that quickly rose up the rankings of YouTube’s top trending videos. Viewers laughed out loud alongside Safiya as she determined just how well Facebook really knows her.

5. Conduct an edgy Q&A.

Liza Koshy does a lot of Q&A’s, but this relationship-oriented video got super popular super quickly. Not only did viewers love the sneak peak inside Liza’s personal life, but they also enjoyed the added thrill of watching her answer embarrassing questions in public.

Kickstarting your channel starts with thinking outside the box. Use these video ideas as a starting point to launch your channel to a whole new level.

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