How Jeffree Star Became An Online Icon

Jeffree Star is a musician, vlogger, and makeup mogul. His name is synonymous with the online beauty community. He’s one of the most successful beauty vloggers on YouTube.

Here’s how Jeffree Star became an online icon.

1. He started making connections early in his career.

Jeffree moved to Los Angeles right after his high school graduation. He instantly started making connections in the beauty world, visiting clubs to meet celebrities who would contract him for makeup work. These connections helped him break into both modeling and music.

2. He used social media to promote his work.

Back when music was still his main focus, Jeffree was a MySpace star. He built up a huge following and became one of the most popular unsigned artists on the social networking site.

Now, Jeffree has more than four million YouTube subscribers.

3. He stays focused on producing quality content.

Thanks to his booming makeup business, Jeffree Star could do just fine without his YouTube channel. However, in order to maintain his level of fame, he smartly continues to make quality content.

Jeffree posts reviews, tutorials, and unique collaborations.

Jeffree Star is one of the biggest players in the online beauty community because he always stays on the grind. He uses his connections to get ahead and upholds high standards for his content to maintain his massive audience.

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