How This YouTuber Built A Strong Community Of Subscribers

BookTube is a community of YouTubers who make videos about books. Whether it be reviewing books, talking about their favorite books, or recommending books, they all talk about books. The BookTube community may be small compared to other YouTube communities, but those in the BookTube world love it and are devoted.

Booksandquills is a BookTube channel run by Sanne, a 27-year-old book lover, who has over 160,000 subscribers. But how did this BookTuber become so popular?

Here are some reasons readers and non-readers alike love watching her videos.

1. She keeps her videos open to viewers with different interests.

When talking about books, it is easy to fall in love with a single genre and only read and talk about that one genre. Sanne, however, likes talking about several different genres of books.

From Adult books to Young Adult books and from love stories to action, she talks about it all. Sanne gives lovers of all genres a chance to check out her videos.

2. Her videos are short and sweet.

Even if someone loves a certain book, he or she may not want to watch long videos about them. They can get boring and redundant. Sanne keeps her videos short, sweet, and to the point.

Her videos are typically between 5-10 minutes, which is plenty of time for her to get her viewers pulling out their credit cards and ready to buy her favorite books.

3. She posts plenty of content.

When looking for videos of books, viewers want to be able to learn about several different books and have plenty of things to watch. Sanne gives her viewers just that.

Posting often, she covers numerous books with a wide variety so that her fans always have a new book to buy.

This BookTuber is a great example of how any content creator can build a strong community of viewers. By talking about a variety of topics and keeping her videos short, Sanne created a channel for anyone who shares her interests.

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