Why Ted Talk Videos Go Viral

YouTube is not only for music videos. In 2006, Ted Talk started posting videos on YouTube, and their success increased exponentially. People enjoy listening to others experiences and applying the wisdom to their own lives.

Read four reasons why Ted Talk videos go viral.

1. Portray positivity on camera.

The world is full of negativity, and people need a reason to rejoice. You can turn someone’s day around simply by smiling on camera. Rather than ranting or complaining, look for the good things in your life and share them with your viewers.

Find a positive topic and stick with it. This video gives you five ideas that make you unhappy and can help you avoid the topic in your videos.

2. Look at popular topics and reinvent them in your video.

Some of the most popular inspirational video topics include failure, beauty, movies, gratitude, work ethic, etc. Take the ideas from popular Ted Talks and reinvent them into your own vlogs, sketches, or even music.

This video will give you an idea of the most popular talks have been in the last few years.

3. Speaking well is key to having popular videos.

Everyone has sat through talks in which the speaker drones on in a monotone voice. To make your videos go viral, you have to be an engaging speaker, no matter what your subject matter is.

There are community classes that can help you improve your public speaking skills. Look at videos with speakers and listen to how they speak. Take notes on the things you notice in the videos that work the best for your topic.

This video takes a look at speaking like a leader. This has some great tips to increase your speaking prowess.

4. Collaborate with others on your videos.

Many YouTube content creators are willing to collaborate with others on projects to help gain more viewers. Each channel owner gets a new video and a chance to be featured in front of someone else’s audience. It creates buzz, and people are willing to cue in on their channels.

This video shows how collaboration works to your advantage on YouTube.

In today’s fast-paced world, being online is a big part of marketing yourself. Examining videos like Ted Talks will help you gain a leg up over other people in the entertainment industry.

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Emily Thornton is an English Teacher who has a love of journalism. She loves to read, write, and watch videos (music and fails).

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