4 Products Every Reviewer Should Test

A huge section of YouTube is dedicated to reviews of products, ranging from makeup to graphics cards to samurai swords. Such a saturated market might be intimidating to enter, and it might seem like everything has already been done. Don’t worry about that. though. What makes review videos unique is the person reviewing, it not the product itself.

Here are some items any YouTube reviewer could cover.

1. Try reviewing a movie.

While this departs from your classic tangible item review, a movie review can be just as compelling and maybe more useful. You don’t have to be a film major either: remember that most people looking for movie reviews are just casual moviegoers who want an equally causal explanation of a film.

Some points to remember are to never spoil something without warning the viewer first, have a cohesive review that doesn’t go all over the place, and give a final recommendation on whether the viewer should watch it or not.

2. Review your car.

Once again, reviewing a car is straying fairly far from the standard YouTube review, but that should be your goal. You’d be surprised how many people want honest, simple reviews of cars before they buy one. Yes, there are thousands of written online reviews, but the video aspect makes it much more interesting and authentic.

The great thing about this is that there is nothing to buy; just go out to your garage and give a little tour. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to drive around a little bit while someone else holds the camera, too!

3. Review shop or online service.

This is less of a product, and more of a review of a company or online vendor that you want to talk about. These types of videos can be extremely compelling and draw in lots of views.

For example, you could run down to a local frozen yogurt shop and give a review of everything from the yogurt to the service and atmosphere. Even a review over something such as Amazon or similar online shops is a great idea. Smaller vendors, in this case, would be more helpful, however.

4. Review something really out-of-the-box.

It is never a bad idea to experiment and try different things with a channel. This includes reviewing items that you could never see someone wanting or buying. However, the more unique the item, the more people will be interested and want to watch your video.

No one needs a review of something mundane, but crazy items draw lots of attention and give you an opportunity to think out of the box and throw in some humor. Examples of this would include magnetic putty, crazy hot peppers, or unnecessarily expensive foreign bottled water. No one is likely to buy these things; it is instead the commentary that is interesting.

Product reviews are uniquely interesting and helpful, and they’re clearly different from your average video. Sometimes it can be hard however to think of actual products to review, but hopefully this guide gave some ideas. The best option would not be to copy these suggestions exactly, instead be inspired by them and do something that is fitting for you and your channel.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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