How Tana Mongeau Started a Successful Collaboration Channel

Tana Mongeau’s personal vlog channel is more than two million subscribers strong. In the spirit of getting back the YouTube she’d first fallen in love with, Tana decided to start a new collaboration channel with a team of vloggers. She named her new channel Trash.

Here’s how Tana Mongeau Started a Successful Collaboration channel.

1. She held auditions to find the best team.

In order to find the best team of vloggers possible, Tana held auditions. However, she didn’t set up shop in an auditorium. In true YouTuber fashion, Tana had potential Trash vloggers submit audition videos.

Here’s the submission video that Natalia Taylor sent in, which earned her the Sunday spot on Trash.

2. She makes sure new videos are uploaded daily.

Because Trash is a collaboration project, Tana wanted it to feel larger than life. What better way to make a channel bigger and better than ever than to upload fresh content every single day?

On Trash, a different team member uploads a new video every day of the week. Aaron Fuller uploads on Saturdays.

3. She got her team together in real life.

In order to make sure her team members truly felt like a team, Tana gathered them all together for a weekend in her hometown of Los Vegas. Here, the Trash vloggers were able to bond.

Like true social media stars, the Trash vloggers documented their trip with plenty of selfies.

Loves of my life

A photo posted by Natalia Taylor (@natalia__taylor) on

4. She treats her team like family.

Tana doesn’t assume a “boss” position above her Trash team members. Even though she started the channel, she acts more like a leader than a dictator. On Trash, everyone is equal, because everyone is, as Tana says, “a piece of trash.”

This was the original video that Tana posted to welcome her team members and subscribers to Trash.

Tana turned her success into a team effort. If you follow the precedents she set, then you, too, can start a successful collaboration channel.

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