The Skills Every Musician Should Perfect

Musicians know how difficult the profession can be at times. The life of music brings with it stress, hate, and pressure. However, these four skills can be crucial to helping you manage your hectic life. They are applicable primarily to musicians, but really to anyone who needs a little help.

Here are some vital life skills every musician should perfect.

1. Learn time management.

Being a musician can be exhausting, from constant practice to driving around the nation doing gigs to dealing with band members. It might seem like you never have any free time, but with some smart time management skills, those 24 hours might stretch a little longer. Something that seems counterintuitive but is actually helpful is taking breaks!

Breaks, at first glance, seem to cut into practice time, but many studies show regular, short breaks can make people more productive and definitely more happy and content. Beyond this, make sure to get rest at night.

2. Try to be resilient.

The music industry is as chaotic as it is passionate, and at times it can be ruthless. Musicians can be dropped from gigs or tours, loose deals with establishments and merchandise, or spend weeks or months trying to perfect your craft to no avail.

Due to the this, musicians need to be resilient; they have to be able to take failures and bounce right back from them. It is difficult at first, but remember every loss has something to be learned from.

3. Every musician should be confident.

Naturally, a large part of stage performance is confidence, but musicians who are more private studio inclined, it might not be as natural. Confidence is vital in a market where you have to take a lot of risks and stand behind your decisions.

A big part of building confidence is to start setting realistic goals for yourself. When you pass them with flying colors, you’ll start to believe in yourself even more. At the end of the day, practice is the only way to build this skill.

4. Be prepared!

Preparation is incredibly important for any artist who regularly puts out work in the public eye. You should be able to stand behind your music, and your music should represent all your hard work.

Possible employers, studios, or fellow artists seeking collaborations only can view you through your work ethic, which is seen through your work and preparation. Don’t slack off!

A lot of these skills apply to anyone and are generally good ideas, but the taxing life of a musician needs them more than anyone. For musicians out there, remember these tips, and you’ll have a lot easier time with everything from practice to networking.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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