What Stevie Wonder Can Teach You About Perseverance

Stevie Wonder is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. Despite facing many challenges in life, he became one of the most well-known performers, and he has a lot to teach aspiring musicians.

Here are four things that you can learn about perseverance from Stevie Wonder.

1. He didn’t let his disability stop him from creating music.

Stevie Wonder was born six weeks premature, and due to medical complications, he became blind. This was a huge setback in his life, but Stevie never blindness get in the way of his career. He still went on to create thirty Top 10 U.S. hits, receive twenty-five Grammy Awards, and sell more than a hundred million records. He also advocated for disabled people and performed at both the Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

He is incredibly inspiring to all musicians, and especially those with disabilities. He shows everyone that a disability should never stop you from creating music and following your dreams.

2. He started his career at a very young age.

Stevie Wonder started his career at the age of eleven when he sang for Ronnie White and was subsequently signed to Motown Records. Since he was so young, he received only $2.50 a week, but he kept recording and eventually earned much more for his hard work.

Stevie knew that he was building up his career and that he should never give up. He teaches aspiring musicians to start their careers as young as they can. You should also persevere even if you’re gaining little recognition or money at first.

Check out this video of “Little Stevie Wonder” from 1963.

3. He fought for the rights of black people in the United States.

Stevie Wonder lived through the Civil Rights Movement and faced a great deal of hardship because of the color of his skin. For a long time, he could only perform, record, and create music with a select number of labels that accepted black musicians.

However, Stevie worked hard to establish himself as a musician despite the racial discrimination that he faced, and he succeeded. He also advocated for the establishment of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Stevie Wonder is a great role model for young musicians of all races.

4. He bounced back into music even after serious physical injury.

In 1973, Stevie Wonder was in a serious car accident. It left him in a coma for four days and led to partial and temporary loss of smell and taste. This accident was especially damaging to Stevie, who is already blind, but it did not stop him from performing.

In fact, not long after the accident, Stevie Wonder performed a series of concerts at Madison Square Garden. He also released a new album and won three Grammys. He is a huge inspiration to anyone who has dealt with traumatic events and injuries.

Stevie Wonder has faced a lot of challenges in life, but he has never given up. He is still recording music to this day, and he is an incredible role model to any musician who has dealt with adversity.

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