How 3 Famous Bands Got Their Names

A band’s name is so much more than just a name. The name has to embody who the band is and what the band stands for. A band’s name is integral to the band’s identity, and it is the name that people know from all over the world.

Clearly, it’s important to pick a great name for your band. Here are the hidden meanings behind three famous band names.

1. Weezer used a past life struggle to choose their name.

The popular alternative rock band Weezer chose their name for a unique reason. When the lead singer Rivers Cuomo was younger, he had severe asthma. His classmates would tease him and call him “weezer.” Rivers pitched this nickname as a possible band name, and the rest of the band loved it.

It was a great idea to call the band Weezer because Rivers took a negative part of his childhood and turned it into a band name that became known internationally. The name Weezer represents his struggle and identity, and it’s a fantastic example of channeling your struggles into motivation to succeed.

2. Japancakes used a pun to show off their quirky and unique style.

The indie band Japancakes has always been an unconventional band. The group formed when guitarist Eric Berg decided to put ten musicians in a room without previous rehearsal, started playing a D chord, and simply saw where things went.

The band began writing songs and eventually gained popularity. They also show their band’s quirky and unique personality with their catchy and “punny” band name.

It’s a great idea to give your band a funny and quirky name because these names are memorable to fans and catch on easily. Other pun-related band names include Furious George and Harmonica Lewinsky.

3. Barenaked Ladies chose their name from a funny and spontaneous story.

You can tell that the Barenaked Ladies have a great story for the origin of their name before even hearing it. This is especially true considering that their band is comprised of only men.

The two band founders Ed Robertson and Steven Page were friends and classmates long before they started the band. When they went to a Bob Dylan concert many years ago, they started thinking up goofy band names just for fun, and “Barenaked Ladies” came up.

At that time, Ed was in a cover band that had recently broken up. However, he had forgotten that his band agreed to play for a charity-driven “Battle of the Bands.” When he got a call asking to confirm the gig, Ed said that his band had simply changed names and spontaneously told them that they were called Barenaked Ladies.

Ed called Steven last-minute and asked if he would be interested in performing at the Battle of the Bands as “Barenaked Ladies.” The two ended up improvising the performance, but this sparked their future collaboration and creation of the now-famous band.

Choosing a band name is an important decision. Make sure that it’s catchy and reflective of your band’s identity and background. Your band name is the name that millions of fans may one day be shouting in a concert, so you’d better make it good!

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