How Zoella Hit 11,000,000 Subscribers

The notoriety of lifestyle and beauty vloggers on YouTube has skyrocketed in recent times. Today’s YouTubers are able to reach millions of viewers, and in many cases, become sponsored by companies and products in exchange for advertisement. Popular YouTuber Zoella has over 11,000,000 subscribers. Her specific breed of beauty and lifestyle vlogging might not be exactly right for everyone; however she does utilize strategies that any type of YouTuber can use to increase their popularity and cultivate their YouTube presence.

Here are a few of her methods that have helped her gain 11,000,000 subscribers.

1. Be consistent.

Zoella essentially posts new videos once a week; she also makes sure to to utilize a consistent aesthetic in each of her videos (as well as for the cover photos of each video) that is appealing to viewers and is easily recognizable. Subscribers can rely on her to be consistent and creative.

2. Follow “tag” trends.

“Tag” and “challenge” trends are constantly circulating in the YouTube community. They are a fun and memorable way for YouTubers to try new things, share more about themselves, and reach out to other YouTubers by “tagging” or “challenging” them. Throughout the years, Zoella has managed to keep up with countless trending tags which have helped her remain on the Trending page of YouTube and improve upon her YouTube presence.

3. Get personal.

Being open about one’s personal life is not necessary for YouTube success, but it can help followers feel more connected to and supportive of those who they follow. Almost four years ago, Zoella posted a video commenting on her personal struggles with panic attacks and anxiety and it still receiving views and comments today. Thousands of comments remark on how brave it was of Zoella to speak so candidly about such a personal issue and the video currently has more than three million views. Attempting to connect with your followers on a more personal level is worthwhile and can help increase their numbers.

4. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

The YouTube community is a powerful place and reaching out to other YouTubers for collaborations can increase popularity for the both of you; this can entail any type of collaboration, including musical. Zoella has collaborated with other YouTubers like MirandaSings many times; her 7 Second Challenge video with MirandaSings has been viewed more than 19 million times.

You don’t have to be a lifestyle and beauty vlogger to be able to gain popularity and cultivate your online presence like Zoella. These strategies can help any YouTuber market themselves and succeed in the community.

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