How Short Videos Can Win Big

On YouTube, there is an incredibly large amount of content for any viewer to absorb. With countless videos being posted every day, viewers will likely choose any number of videos each day that they will watch. With that being said, prospective posters should choose uploading shorter videos for the audience.

1. It’s easier for the viewer on the go.

People who look for videos on YouTube are likely to be looking for a temporary distraction, especially if they are at work. When it comes to that kind of escape, it’s easier for the viewer if they can quickly digest the content then go back to work, or at pretending to do so.

Any viewer at home also will gravitate toward short and sweet videos.

2. Short videos are memorable.

The shorter a video is, the easier it is for the viewer to remember what happened. Internet memes, which will be repeated by others constantly, emerge more easily from videos that are made to quickly communicate to the viewer.

Likewise, viewers can remember real-life events that are shortened into clips that communicate the primary info.

3. It goes with short attention spans.

Tying to the above point, humans do have a fairly low attention span, around eight seconds or so. People want to see their content quickly and they want to move on to the next piece of entertainment they can find.

Short videos provide that stimulation, and compilations are a bunch of short videos crammed together, made popular by the fact that one can easily choose which short videos to watch.

YouTube has many videos to potentially entertain viewers. Uploading short videos can take advantage of a person’s need for stimulation and his or her quick attention span. Bite-sized videos are like fast food in that they’re much easier to digest.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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