How to Broaden Your Vocal Range

A vocal range creates a singer’s playing field, determining which notes and songs are accessible for his/her voice. Many singers have the misconceived idea that they have a fixed range but luckily, this isn’t true!

Singers should use these tips to broaden their vocal range.

1. Always warm-up.

Going from the grungy, crackling morning voice to belting a high-A is an abrupt transition. Warm up by singing scales and intervals to allow the voice to ease into this alteration properly.

2. Breathe correctly.

People often make the mistake of allowing their ribs to collapse when singing out a phrase. Ensure your ribs stay expanded and unmoving, controlling breath intake with your bellies.

3. Relax.

Vocal restriction is usually caused by tension throughout the body. Stand up straight, keep your body relaxed and be aware that correct breath control will help you reach high notes, not throat or jaw strain.

4. Avoid the cold

Rumor has it that Madonna keeps performances uncomfortably hot because warm temperatures keep the throat relaxed and open. Avoid cold temperatures and drinks, as this actually hurts the voice.

After exhausting these tips, singers can add a few more notes into their repertoire.

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