How Shawn Mendes Became The New Face Of Pop Music

Pop stars of the past were all about what the studio executives thought the people wanted to hear. However, thanks to new online media, the people have started telling the studio executives what they want to hear instead. Shawn Mendes is one of many musicians who first made a name for himself online.

Here’s how Shawn Mendes became the new face of pop music.

1. He posted short snippets of popular song covers online.

Without social media, Shawn Mendes’s talent wouldn’t have been discovered as quickly as it was. After learning to play guitar from YouTube tutorials, he started posting six-second covers of popular songs onto Vine. It was here that Shawn built up a major following in only a few short months.

His Vines caught the attention of an artist manager and lead to a deal with Island Records in 2014.

2. He went on tour with other social media stars.

Before he was touring the world with music of his own, Shawn joined up with other popular Viners on the Magcon tour. By first traveling with other social media influencers, Shawn was able to grow his audience through the medium that first made his music popular.

Tours like Magcon have helped launch the careers of social media starlets such as Cameron Dallas.

3. He chooses the projects that his target audience will enjoy the most.

While many young musicians may be tempted to try to change their images to please an older crowd, Shawn stays true to his original fans by choosing projects that his target audience will enjoy the most. He’s still young, and most of his listeners are even younger than he is.

Shawn has collaborated with artists who are popular with younger listeners, such as The Vamps and Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello. He also recorded a song for a Disney Channel movie soundtrack.

Shawn Mendes isn’t a flashy, cookie-cutter pop star. Rather, he’s a new kind of artist who really knows how to connect with his fans. Like Shawn, you should look to new online media as a platform for both promoting your music and connecting with your listeners.

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