How Niall Horan Is Getting The Most Out Of His Newest Single

When Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan was performing with mega-famous boy band One Direction, he was pumping out hit after hit. However, without the corporate push of a boy band brand behind him, Niall is free to take things a little more slowly and really make the most of each and every song he releases.

Here’s how Niall Horan is getting the most out of “Slow Hands.”

1. He started with just the audio track.

Two months ago, Niall released “Slow Hands” with an audio track on YouTube. Fans could listen online rather than download the song or stream it on Spotify, but they also knew they’d have to wait for a music video.

2. He gave fans a lyrics video so that they could sing along.

Next came the lyric video. This was even better than a music video because not only could fans watch Niall in action, but they could also sing along!

3. He showcased his true talents with an acoustic version.

During his One Direction days, Niall was the cute blonde with an acoustic guitar. His true talent lies in acoustic music, and he shared that with his listeners by releasing an acoustic version of his latest hit.

You don’t have to pump out track after track in order for your listeners to love you. Rather, like Niall Horan, you should take your time with each new release to craft exactly the life you want for the song.

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