How Shane Dawson Promotes New Videos To His 8.9 Million Subscribers

Shane Dawson has been killing the YouTube game for more than ten years. With more than 8.9 million subscribers and two billion total views, longtime fans could call him the king of content creation.

With such a long a successful YouTube career, Shane has picked up quite a few tricks to promoting his videos. Take a look at a few of them below.

1. At the end of every video, he reminds viewers how often he uploads new content.

Shane concludes every video with, “I upload new videos every single day!” He reminds new viewers to subscribe so that they don’t miss out on the latest and greatest of his content.

Your call-to-action should already remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel and like your video. However, you should also let them know when you’re going to upload your next video so that they’ll know when to check back.

Here’s one of the videos Shane concludes with a quick reminder for his viewers.

2. He link new videos in his Instagram bio.

Whenever Shane uploads a new video, he changes the website link in the bio of his Instagram page. That way, new followers will know what he’s up to.

Though updating your Instagram bio every time you upload a new video may sound tedious, it will be worth it when followers both new and old find your video link.

New followers who like Shane’s Instagram posts such as this one will want to check out his YouTube videos as well.

i miss the snow 🙁 mainly cause i could wear 7 layers and cover my meaty thickness 🙂

A photo posted by Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) on

3. He advertises new videos with a pinned tweet.

Like many YouTubers, Shane promotes each new video on Twitter. However, to make sure that the tweet doesn’t get lost on his feed, he pins it to the top of his profile.

Whenever you post about a new video, pin it to the top of your profile so that visitors to your page will see the video link first and foremost.

This is the tweet Shane pinned on the day he uploaded his “Stalkers Caught On Tape” video.

Even after years and years on YouTube, Shane Dawson still gets a ton of views on every video. Follow these tips to promote your new videos the way the greats do.

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