How Ed Sheeran’s New Music Video Got 14 Million Views In 3 Days

As British music icon Ed Sheeran gears up for his album release in March, fans across the world eagerly anticipated the first music video from ÷. When Ed dropped “Castle On The Hill,” it racked up 14 million views in only three days.

Here’s how Ed Sheeran’s new music video got so many views so quickly.

1. He released a lyric video first to get fans hooked on the song.

Two weeks before dropping the music video, Ed surprised fans with a lyric video for his new single “Castle On The Hill.” This video received almost 71.5 million views on its own as fans blasted the new song over and over.

While you’re working on your next music video, put aside some time to make a lyric video to go along with it. When fans fall in love with the lyrics to your song, they’ll be begging for a music video to go along with it.

2. He teased it on social media in the days leading up to its release.

Ed kept his fans up-to-date with the latest news about his video through social media. He utilized Twitter and Instagram to share screengrabs and interview links.

The best way to get more people to watch your music video is to promote it. Social media is the best way to spread your music far and wide. Start counting down with your followers a few days before the video release to build up hype.

3. He made the video something that viewers would want to watch again and again.

Watching the “Castle On The Hill” video feels like watching a movie. The video features students from the high school that Ed attended playing the roles of a young Ed and his teenage friends. The video’s cinematic feel keeps viewers coming back to press replay.

Every music video you make should be the kind of video you would want to play on repeat. Rather than just piecing together performance clips or standing in front of a greenscreen, take inspiration from your favorite film directors and novelists. The best music videos tell a story.

Ed Sheeran is back at the top of the music game. It didn’t take long for “Castle On The Hill” to take over the music charts and YouTube.

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