How Refinery29 Made A Popular Video Series

“Living With Lucie” is an ongoing series on Refinery29’s YouTube channel. In the series, one Refinery29 employee, Lucie Fink, conducts five-day experiments in which she tries out things like not drinking coffee, veganism, minimalism, or journaling. The series allows her to vlog her real-time reactions to these experiments in ways that are useful to her viewers.

Here are a few tips YouTubers can pick up from Refinery29’s popular video series.

1. Don’t edit out the candid moments.

In the video “5 Days of Adulting,” Lucie does not shy away from expressing how crazy it feels for her to be living with a boy. Moments of candid honesty like these, no matter how brief, appeal to viewers because they are authentic and real.

You don’t have to be perfect, and neither do your YouTube videos. When making videos, don’t edit out the candid moments. Let your viewers see the real you and your real, honest reactions.

2. Teach your viewers through your own experiences.

Lucie’s video “5 Days of Being a Freegan,” demonstrates a concept that not all are familiar with: freeganism. Freeganism is essentially an attempt to resist capitalism; a freegan person tries to never buy anything in order to reduce waste and consumption.

Another video busts the myth of juice cleansing as healthy. Lucie begins a cleanse and then consults a nutritionist, who informs her that it is actually not healthy.

When making videos, it is always a good idea to provide your viewers with information that they don’t already have. Try to teach them something and be informative.

3. Don’t be afraid to open up.

In “5 Days with No Makeup,” Lucie is fully honest about her skin insecurity and how makeup affects her self-esteem.

When making videos, never be afraid to open up to your viewers and show them something honest.

4. Listen to your viewers.

Lucie ends every video by asking viewers to comment what would like for her to try out next. This is a simple way to interact with your viewers and show them that their feedback is important to you.

Always take the time to listen to your viewers and provide them with content that is interesting to them.

“Living with Lucie” appeals to viewers because she is candid and honest with them. Up-and-coming YouTubers can learn a lot from her raw and informative approach.

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